Office of Internal Audit


1. Does the department head or project manager (or department head’s supervisor for the department head) approve each employee’s travel in advance of travel using the Travel Authorization form?

  • Ideal Answer: YES. Department head approval documented on an employee’s travel authorization form indicates the employee has been properly approved to travel on university business, entitled to reimbursement from the University for travel expenses, and provides documented proof for worker’s compensation, if necessary. Please refer to Office of Business Operations’ (OBO) Travel Guidelines for additional information.

2. Does the department direct traveling employee to OBO’s website to review travel guidelines in advance of travel?

  • Ideal Answer: YES. OBO’s Travel Guidelines provide information, restrictions, and recommendations for university employees travelling on university business that each university employee should be familiar with in advance of traveling.

3. Does the department advise employees that the meal limits are limits on spending, not a per diem?

  • Ideal Answer: YES. Travel regulations state that meal claims should reflect actual/reasonable expense not to exceed the maximum daily allowance. Please refer to OBO’s Travel Guidelines for additional information.