Office of Internal Audit

What will the auditors need from me?

The main items needed from you for a successful audit are cooperation and communication with the auditor. Here are some specific examples of what you can do to help the audit process:

  • Supply all requested information on a timely basis.
  • Share any internal control concerns you have with the auditor.
  • Review the audit program presented for your area, and ask questions if you don't understand why certain activities have been included or excluded.
  • As issues are communicated to you during the audit, begin thinking about potential corrective actions.
  • Review the audit report draft and make any suggestions for changes or enhancements either before or during the exit conference.
  • Provide a written response to the issues identified in the report, along with who will be responsible for implementing the corrective actions and when they will be completed.
  • Be proactive in monitoring the progress of the corrective actions and reporting them.