The Audit Process

The audit process has four phases, each one requiring the involvement of our audit clients.  During planning we work with you to understand and learn about your area so that we can evaluate the processes and controls currently in place.  Fieldwork consists of specific testing scenarios or steps to identify areas for improvement.  Communication of our results takes place through a transparent reporting process and finally, follow-up, is where we come back to you after a determined period of time to reassess the progress made against the agreed upon management action plans.

The most important items needed from the client for a successful audit are cooperation and good communication with the auditor. Here are some specific examples of what the client can do to facilitate the audit process:

  • Schedule personnel for audit activities such as interviews, observation, or walkthroughs.
  • Make the pertinent data, records, and technology resources available to the auditor(s);
  • Review preliminary findings and provide written responses regarding corrective actions and specified time frames;
  • Establish and maintain required controls;
  • Share your concerns with the auditor;
  • Review the audit objectives and scope presented for your area, and ask questions if you don’t understand why certain activities have been included or excluded; 
  • Be proactive, monitor and report progress of your corrective actions to the auditor.